Performance & Talent management

Gain insights into the developmental potential and talent of your employees. Put your employees in control of their own development.

Increase the ROI on talent management with Talent Manager

Insight into existing talent

Less than 4 out of 10 CEOs have insight into the available talent within their organization.

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Information about performance and potential is often not properly collected or has not been saved centrally. Without the right information, creating an HR-policy becomes a challenge. Talent Manager makes appraising and assessing easy and fun. Our software helps you identify your talent with our standardized data model. Create clear overviews of the available and missing talent, provide quick insight and the basis for policy choices.

Control the development of talent

HR-departments spend 60% of their time on administrative processes, leaving little time for talent management.

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The annual appraisal cycle is often an administrative process. HR employees are not ready to use their added value: advising management and managing employees.

With Talent Manager, employees and managers are in charge of the appraisal cycle, while HR gains insight into progress. Evaluation-forms are sent and stored digitally. Because of the insights into the outcome of the conversations and the time savings through much less administration, HR can actively manage development of employees.

Employee involvement

Only about 2 out of 5 employees are satisfied with the quality of their appraisal cycle.

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Due to the hierarchical nature that the appraisal interview often has, combined with a limited (self) image on performance, an appraisal interview is often loaded. Thereby, it frequently misses its goal and leads to demotivation.

With Talent Manager, the employee collects 360 degree feedback. It is easier to discuss behavior and functioning with each other, duo to the easily accessible method of collecting feedback. Talent Manager clearly shows where the self image differs from the environment and where progress can be achieved.

Talent Manager

Employee dashboard

Employees in control

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Eases load on managers

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Evaluation dashboard

Rich evaluations

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360 degree feedback

Easy insight

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A selection of our customers



€3,75per month
  • Price per employee
  • Up to 25 employees
  • Set-up costs from € 1.000,-


€3,50per month
  • Price per employee
  • 26 – 75 employees
  • Set-up costs from € 1.500,-


€3,00per month
  • Price per employee
  • 76 – 250 employees
  • Set-up costs from € 2.500,-

Extra large

€2,75per month
  • Price per employee
  • 251 – 500 employees
  • Set-up costs from € 4.000,-


€2,50per month
  • Price per employee
  • 501 – and more employees
  • Set-up costs from € 7.500,-

Working at TMS

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Front-end developer

You develop innovative software for our customers.

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Customer Success Manager

You advise our customers on all their questions, technical or otherwise.

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Growth Marketeer

You take care of our online presence and you know where to find our new customers.

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About us

We believe that people strive for happiness. That people get fulfillment when using their talents. Organizations who encourage their employees to use their talent, are healthy and often successful. That is why it is wise to create an environment where people gain insight into their talent and feel the freedom to use and develop their talents. This leads to better results and higher employee satisfaction. 

With its software, TMS places the individual and his/her talent at the center and thus stimulating their development. With a rapidly growing customer base, we are well on our way to becoming the leading player in terms of progressive Talent Management.

The “roots” of our solutions are already a few years old. Since January 2019, our product, formerly known as “HR Manager” has continued as Talent Manager and TMS focuses on optimally serving and expanding its customer portfolio. TMS is part of the Pontes Group and operates independently as a software provider.

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