Performance Management

Performance Management empowers employees, keeps everyone pointing in the same direction and ensures focus within the organization. No settling or framing, but setting goals, simulating and space giving.
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performance management

What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is an organization model in which goals of the organization are clearly and transparently shared with employees. Because the employee knows the goals, he/she can define personal goals that are in line with the organizational goals. The same applies to departments and organizational units.

In fact, we frequently see implementations in which the goals are translated down in the organization, often in the form of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The results are then periodically added up to see if the organization is on track.

What are the advantages?

Focus within the organization

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Performance Management ensures focus and clarity. People like to know what the goals are and what the plan is. This knowledge enables them to focus on the goals. In addition, if you know what the goal of your effort is, involvement and motivation will increase, which benefits the general culture.

Passion and engagement

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By asking employees how they can achieve a goal, involvement and ownership are created. An appeal is made on the professionalism of the employee. And this will translate into passion.

Beter decisions

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Involved employees will not just nod yes and accept an assignment if they see that the set goal cannot be achieved with the available resources, they will discuss this. This gives the management valuable feedback on their goals and plans. With the help of good conversation skills, insight is gained into the impact of the goals and unmet expectations can be avoided.

What should you pay attention to when implementing Performance Management?

There is a risk that the method, which is intended to empower people, will become a system of lists and accountability. It is with good reason that you will find a lot of information about failed implementations. In most of these cases the process has become leading, instead of using the process as a tool to achieve a common goal.

The goals must be made clear and transparent. They must be goals that the employee likes to contribute to. This way the employee feels co-responsibility for the outcome.

Employees must be given space to specify how they want to achieve the set goals.

Performance Management goes hand in hand with trust. The trust that your employees know how to perform a task and are motivated to achieve a goal.

It requires a facilitating management style: how can I support you in achieving your goals?

Getting started with Performance Management?

Talent Manager combines an innovative view of Talent Management with a thorough knowledge of HR processes. Based on these pillars, we have developed a software product that enables organizations to start with performance management in a sustainable and accessible way. The methodology fits seamlessly with the assessment system and gives organizations the space to ‘grow into’ the methodology at their own pace. Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing performance management and are happy to help.
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