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Talent Manager, for a wide range of talent management challenges

“We’ve developed Talent Manager so that organizations can implement their vision on Talent Management.

We believe that not the system, but the vision on Talent Management should be the guiding principle for organizations.”

This is one of the reasons why our system has been developed very flexibly. Whether it’s a traditional assessment cycle, continuous feedback or performance management, with Talent Manager you can! With Talent Manager you increase the convenience and involvement of managers and employees. We can import your (job) profiles, handle your HR processes and link Talent Manager with your core HR system.


Employees in control

With Talent Manager, employees get a better grip on their own development. Depending on the wishes of the organization, an employee can determine his/her profile, organize feedback and invite his/her manager for feedback. It is also possible to limit these permissions and to place these responsibilities with management and/or HR.


Talent Manager is completely cloud-based and runs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) within the European Union. All servers are redundant, so you are guaranteed optimum availability. Updates are performed daily and our database uses encrypted storage, so you can trust that your data is safe in the cloud.


Talent Manager is fully multilingual: English, Dutch and French languages are standarly available. Your function profiles can also be read multilingual. Do you want the system in a different language? We are happy to facilitate this!

Smart Function Framework ©

We believe that a Talent Management system must not only facilitate the workflow of the appraisal cycle, but it must also display information about available (and absent) talents. That is why we have developed the Smart Function Framework ©. This is an intelligent data model in which we read in your function(profiles) and link it to our psychologically based competence model. This allows Talent Manager to visualize powerful overviews, giving you in-depth insight into the talents and potential of your workforce.

Linked with HR Core system

We link Talent Manager to your core HR or ERP system. In this way the application is always up-to-date and you have automated access to current data. We have existing links with the most used HR systems. In addition, Talent Manager also has an API, which can be used to link between your systems and Talent Manager yourself.

Notification for all users

The system facilitates notifications for all kinds of events. This ensures that events are followed up on and goals achieved. For example: a notification when it is time to follow a training on time management.

Integrated competence language

As an out-of-the-box feature, Talent Manager has a fully validated competence language available for you. This has been developed in collaboration with Tilburg University. The competence model is supported by operational, tactical and strategic behavioral anchors. In addition, it places competencies in Quinn’s model, that provides predictability about the developability of a competence. Talent Manager is also linked to a number of psychological tests from various test suppliers. Besides that, you will find development tips, literary tips and training tips per competence in the system. You can build on this competency model, allowing you to change and add items yourself.

Wondering what opportunities Talent Manager creates for…

Zoom in on an employee portfolio

For each employee, the manager has the option to provide feedback, set goals or add a note to the employees profile. He also sees the progress of the employees development at a glance. Perhaps the most beautiful functionality for the manager is that he can compare different evaluations side by side and thus has 360 degree feedback. This naturally contains interesting material. With this comparison you can find similarities that can offer interesting discussion material.

Set goals

The departmental goals can be translated into personal goals, linked to the result areas from a function profile. A distinction can be made between result goals and developmental goals. Both organizational goals and personal goals can be safeguarded in this way.

Have a clear overview of your team

Managers have a clear dashboard in which they can see the progress of their team at a glance. Progress can be tracked through scores on core values and ambitions. The system also shows you which developments are going well.

Analyse team

The manager can create powerful reports with the data of his team. In this way he can see the distribution and averages of his team, and take into account an optimal team composition when recruiting. He also sees the joint progress on the goals, and use that to decide whether he needs to make adjustments.

Shape your talent profile with your ambition

Employees can expand their job profile with their own ambitions. Employees have the option to choose ambition competencies. These are competencies that are not in their own job profile, in order to receive feedback on their ambitions. In this way, employees are constantly working on their development, instead of mainly ‘looking back’.

Request 360 degree feedback

Employees can request 360 degree feedback from colleagues, customers, trainers / coaches and acquaintances. In this way a complete picture, from different perspectives, can be created. This way of giving feedback increases self-knowledge, which is crucial for self-development. Employees can prepare and share 360 degree reports themselves.

Set goals

The employees set goals. These can be result oriented goals or development goals. We offer options to create goals in consultation with the manager or to let the employee create goals by himself. In any case, the goals are visible to the manager, so that he has a good overview of the ambition and progress of his team.

Plan activities

If employees have set goals, they can plan activities that contribute to achieving these goals. This allows all parties involved to  determine whether the activities also contribute successfully to the objective. In addition, the outcome is no longer a surprise. Planning activities also contributes to the creativity of employees. And activities can be widely used within the organization. An activity does not only consist of training, but also mentoring moments or buddies within the organization.

Receive tips

Talent Manager has created development tips for all competencies in its standard competency framework. When employees click on a competency, they immediately receive tips and suggestions. Organizations can manage, adjust and expand on these tips themselves. It is also possible to connect these tips with the internal training guide or available coaches with which the organization works.

Take a personality test

In Talent Manager tests from different test suppliers are available. For example, in Talent Manager you can use tests from Online Talent Manager, Ixly, NOA and others. Your test supplier not included? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

Set up your appraisal cycle

Anything can be initiated within Talent Manager. Together we look at how our system supports your appraisal cycle and how we translate that into evaluation forms. In addition, you can always add questions yourself and send invitations or reminders.

Manage function profiles

Your job profiles are available digitally within Talent Manager. You can easily manage versions and add new profiles. This way you can make sure the function profiles are always up-to-date.

Assign online assessments

In Talent Manager, tests from different test suppliers are made accessible. For example, within Talent Manager you can use tests from Online Talent Manager, Ixly, NOA and others. Ask us about the possibilities.

Manage employees

Users can be imported via an automated connection with your HR core system. It is also possible to manage users directly in the application (or via export / import in excel). For example, you can prepare profiles, assign rights to managers and manage the organization chart.

Import and export

In addition to automated connections with other software, Talent Manager is fully equipped to be able to access relevant data in other systems. You can export users, profiles and evaluations to Excel with one push of a button. Major adjustments can then be made in Excel and, if desired, the Excel with the changes can be imported again.

HR Analytics

All data in Talent Manager is stored in a structured way and through the Smart Function Framework © you are able to create  powerful reports, including a Performance / Potential overview. You can also easily link the application to your BI tooling for even more extensive analytics.

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