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Talent Management brings out the quality in all employees and ensures that an organization becomes as efficient as possible. Get results through empowering your employees.
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talent management

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is the combination of HR interventions that are intended to stimulate the talent of employees. This ranges from recruitment, learning and development, performance & assessment, to strategic staff planning. This combination of interventions is aimed enhancing their qualities and talents. This methodology is based on the principle an employee is more effective when he/she is utilizing their talent. Important pillars under Talent Management are the actual mapping (measuring and registering) of talents and a constructive approach to talent development: developing strengths instead of improving weaknesses. This constructive approach continues to take shape and many organizations are abandoning the old principle of supervising and replacing it with stimulation.

What are the advantages?

Inspired employees

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People who work based on their talent, enjoy their work more and get inspired. Engaged employees are effective and radiate enthusiasm for their environment. This enthusiasm benefits the culture and customer experience.

Improved performance

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By improving qualities you achieve more than by improving weaknesses. It’s with good reason that Talent Management is inspired by the sport: you can only become a champion if you train your players talent to the maximum. Successful organizations embrace this principle.

Lower costs

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Talent Management leads to lower operational HR costs. People who work with their talent are less prone to burnout, stay longer and are more productive. However, a number of HR interventions must be set up to effectively organize Talent Management. The past has shown that these costs are many times lower than their returns.

What should you pay attention to when implementing Talent Management?

Talent Management is both a point of view and a combination of a number of workflow changes. To implement this properly, a cultural and procedural approach is required. We advise you to do this step by step and to take the time to roll this out. There are a number of elements that are important during implementation:

Put Talent Management at the center of your HR strategy. The ideas for working based on trust and stimulation must have support at management level.

Ensure that the HR systems used are supporting your strategy. Imagine rolling out a strategy based on talent development, but your assessment system still forces you to set points for improvement, this can work counterproductive to your strategy.

Where possible, give employees the autonomy to use and develop their talent. This freedom will give the employee the space to show his/her talents instead of trying to meet their desired role.

Educate management: a coaching, stimulating management style is required for Talent Management to work. How can management support their employees in strengthening their talents. This requires a certain mindset and the use of coaching skills.

Getting started with Talent Management?

Talent Manager combines an innovative view of Talent Management with a thorough knowledge of HR processes. Based on these pillars, we have developed a software product that enables organizations to start with talent management in a sustainable and accessible way. The methodology fits seamlessly with the assessment system and gives organizations the space to ‘grow into’ the methodology at their own pace. Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing talent management and are happy to help.
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